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Mar 25, 2024

Jesus arriving into Jerusalem on a donkey to be received as King is the second time this happens in scripture. And we know the second is better than the first. Matt brings us to look at the first time and see how Jesus' arrival on Palm Sunday points us away from functional idols, and point us to His kingdom. 

Mar 19, 2024

When we see a geneology in scripture, we can be reminded that God has been soverignly weaving a beautiful "scarlett thread" through history that placed Jesus exactly where He wanted Him, and placed us exactly where He wanted us, from before the foundations of the world. 

Mar 12, 2024

We can look at the admonishment of Naomi in a modern lense and see how we are constantly seeking justification by works. We can take the same admonishment and see how our Redeemer has brought life and has satisfied so we should not call ourselves Bitter but Pleasant. 

Mar 4, 2024

Looking further at this interesting act of the sandal handed over, we see a man abdicating what he could not do to a redeemer that gladly took it. We abdicate what we are able to offer to a Redeemer who gladly took it upon Himself.